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About Be Casa Essential

What exactly is Be Casa Essential?

Be Casa Essential is a new approach to high-quality rentals based on a professional service and where the true focus is on the resident.

It is a new build, long-term rental in residential districts located just a few minutes from the city centre. The buildings also include communal services and facilities (pool, meeting rooms, children's playground, rooftop terrace...).
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What is included in the price?

The rental price of your property also includes:

-Property maintenance service and access to all communal facilities.
-Safety, Be Casa Essential staff in the building, parcel reception, and activities for residents.
-Community expenses

You can also access other services depending on the building, such as a parking space subject to availability.
What is included?

Where are the buildings located?

The Be Casa Essential buildings are located in large Spanish cities such as Seville, Madrid, Valencia, and Malaga, or in nearby towns with excellent transport links such as Valdemoro, Rivas, Torrejón, Torrent, and Barakaldo, among others. Our apartments

What difference is there between a traditional rental arrangement and Be Casa Essential? We provide much more than a traditional rental arrangement. We take care of the maintenance of your home and common facilities, CCTV and reception, but we also have the advantages of a traditional flat, such as privacy or the possibility of a long-term rental. Of course, you can decorate your flat as you like.

What difference is there between a traditional rental arrangement and Be Casa Essential?

We provide much more than a traditional rental arrangement. We take care of the maintenance of your home and common facilities, CCTV and reception, but we also have the advantages of a traditional flat, such as privacy or the possibility of a long-term rental. Of course, you can decorate your flat as you like.

What is Greystar?

Founded in 1993, Greystar is the world leader in the investment, development and management of high-quality rental housing.

Headquartered in the United States, Greystar has been operating in Spain since 2017. It manages and runs real estate operations in 238 global markets, including branches in North America, Europe, South America and the Asia-Pacific region.

Greystar was the largest flat management company in the United States in 2021 and had more than 768,000 units/beds in 2022.

Reservations, contract and payment

How can I apply to reserve an apartment?

You can use the form on our website or come and see us at our buildings.
Whatever you choose, our sales department will provide advice and answer all your questions quickly and clearly.
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Can I visit the building before making a reservation?

Of course, it's as easy as contacting our sales department to arrange a visit or request one through our website.
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Do I have to pay a deposit?

Regardless of the type of apartment you prefer, we will ask you for a deposit and a guarantee. Once the contract expires, these amounts will be refunded as long as the flat is in the same condition as when you arrived.

Is the rent paid monthly?

Yes, it is. The rent for your apartment must be paid on a monthly basis.

What methods of payment are available?

Payments at Be Casa Essential are made by direct debit.

What requirements do I have to fulfil?

It depends on your current situation:

If you are an employee with a permanent contract, we will ask for your National Identity Document (DNI), Passport or NIE (Foreign Resident Id. Document) and your two most recent pay slips.

If you are self-employed, we will request an identification document, your latest Income Tax Return, the last two receipts for your self-employment fees, the latest two 303 forms (VAT) and the latest two 115 forms (Income Tax) filed.

However, if you have already retired and have a pension, in addition to your identification document, we will ask you for the annual Social Security certificate that confirms your pension.

Can I sign the contract from home?

Indeed. In fact, our signing process is always carried out online so that, as with your home, the process is as convenient as possible for you.

What documents do I have to provide to sign the rental agreement?

As with any other rental arrangement, you must provide your Spanish National ID card, passport or NIE (Foreign Resident Id. Document), the latest three payslips and an employment contract


How long can I stay? Is there a maximum or minimum limit?

Be Casa Essential provides long-term rentals; therefore, the minimum is one year and the maximum stay is seven years.

Can I rent a Be Casa Essential apartment for a few days only?

Unfortunately, no. Be Casa Essential's rentals are long-term arrangements. However, we have good news for you: we have apartments available for shorter stays.
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Can I bring my pet?

Be Casa is absolutely and enthusiastically Pet Friendly. Everyone here is welcome, including pets. Check our conditions and bring yours at your convenience.

Can several people rent together?

You can choose how you want to come and live at Be Casa Essential: by yourself, as a couple, with friends. .... Several individuals can be named in the contract.

What happens if something breaks in my home?

Our maintenance service will repair it, as long as it is an item that was already in the apartment and has not been damaged by misuse. The items you bring with you are not included in the price.


What type of accommodation is available?

We have one, two and three bedroom apartments. Therefore, you have a wide range of options to choose from according to your needs and those of your loved ones.
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What items are included in the apartments?

We want you to create the home you desire, which is why our apartments are not furnished, but do have a fully equipped kitchen.
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Can I rent a furnished apartment?

Of course! At Be Casa Essential, we provide a professional decoration service covering different styles and possibilities (Coming soon).
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Services and facilities

Can a cleaning service be hired?

Yes. For an additional charge, you will have a professional cleaning team at your disposal so that you don't have to worry about anything but relaxing and unwinding when you are at home (coming soon).

Is there someone to receive packages?

Yes, Be Casa Essential buildings have staff on hand to look after your needs, including parcel deliveries. No need to worry!

How and who contracts the utilities?

We provide you with the necessary assistance and the best options when contracting all essential utilities.

What kind of events do you organise?

On special occasions, you can enjoy leisure activities organised by Be Casa Essential with the rest of your neighbours without leaving the community. Your home can also be a place for fun and for making lasting relationships!

Can I reserve the communal facilities?

Of course, as long as you comply with our safety and respect regulations.

Are there parking spaces at Be Casa Essential buildings? 

Yes, most of our buildings have parking spaces for residents, so you have one less thing to worry about.

Is it possible to rent a second home?

Of course! We are flexible because we like to put your needs first.


What is the BREEAM® certificate?

BREEAM® (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Methodology) is the most technically advanced method for assessing and certifying the sustainability of buildings and the world's leading method in terms of the number of projects certified since its inception in 1990.

All Be Casa Essential buildings are BREEAM® certified.
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Why are our facilities environmentally friendly?

At Be Casa Essential, we value the environment and consider it our duty to take care of the world around us. For this reason, our facilities are environmentally friendly and our buildings are BREEAM® certified (an international method developed by the BRE Global organisation in the UK, which measures the degree of environmental sustainability of buildings).

Today, thanks to aerothermal and geothermal energy, we are able to generate clean energy to supply our facilities, as well as provide bicycle stands to promote sustainable mobility.

Why will you save energy in our apartments?

We strive to reduce your home's CO 2 emissions throughout the entire construction and energy consumption cycle: from the use of sustainable materials to the use of natural light and controlling energy consumption.

Our apartments make the most of natural daylight through the correct orientation of windows and we use light colours on walls and furnishings, so you need to use less artificial light, which results in greater energy savings.

Furthermore, we guarantee the sustainable use of water in your home thanks to efficient appliances (taps, toilets, etc.) and flow reducers.
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