What is sustainable housing?


What is sustainable housing?

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It is a fact that nowadays homes and other environments in which people live, or reside most of the time, contribute to CO2 emissions and, thus, to global warming. This threatens not only human beings and their health but also all natural resources, the balance of which has long since been disrupted.

One solution is the so-called sustainable house, green house or eco-house, which contributes to the solution of this major global problem.

A sustainable house can include many features that help address environmental concerns, such as being energy efficient, environmentally friendly, or built using eco-friendly or recyclable materials.

At Be Casa, you are the focus, and that is why we have not only thought about your well-being but also about providing you with the best options for your relationship with the environment. That is why our facilities are sustainable, consume minimal water, electricity or materials, and are highly functional, flexible and durable.

The 6 pillars of sustainability


We pay attention to every detail that affects your comfort and well-being, such as ambient temperature, natural and artificial light, air quality, sound and more.


We want to maximise the use of natural light, which is why you will always find bright and pleasant spaces at Be Casa. You can also be sure that you will be living in a building that uses sustainable materials and where energy consumption is monitored at all times.


Access to public transport is essential nowadays; therefore, we have ensured that all our locations have areas equipped with all the necessary services to minimise travel.


We ensure a sustainable water supply through efficient household appliances and everyday appliances such as taps, toilets, etc.


We use waste storage areas to separate the different types of waste, thereby contributing to product recycling.

Land use and ecology

The land on which we place our buildings belongs to our planet, which is why we treat it with care by creating new environments.

However, for a house to be sustainable, the neighbourhood must also be considered with a view to integrating not only environmental but also social and economic issues.

The neighbourhood to which Be Casa Rivas belongs is Rivas Futura, where you can enjoy the peace and quiet of the residential complex while still living close to the leisure facilities that the city has to offer. Our building is in an easily accessible area, with greenery, wide avenues, nearby services and excellent public transport, which can take you to Madrid in a matter of minutes.

Sustainable housing is certainly a challenge and a responsibility for the present and the future. We are already committed to it. Are you?

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