3 things to see in Rivas – Vaciamadrid


3 things to see in Rivas – Vaciamadrid

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Although the proximity and easy access to the centre of the capital have made Rivas-Vaciamadrid one of the most populous and attractive areas in the south of Madrid, the city itself has many other attractions. In addition to its modern residential complexes with quality housing and landscaped areas, there are the natural parks that surround it, the charm of its old quarter and its wide range of shopping, leisure and restaurant facilities. In short, it is a magnificent place to live that we encourage you to get to know by reading this post. We could suggest lots of things to do and see in Rivas, but we have selected three of its most attractive spots.

1. Parish Church of San Marcos

This neoclassical church was built on the site of the original temple, which was built in 1623 and had to be demolished after the Manzanares River burst its banks. Today, it is one of the emblems of Rivas-Vaciamadrid and, together with the Town Hall building, one of the architectural icons of the town’s old quarters. If you visit Rivas, don’t miss the Parish church of San Marcos.

The exterior is marked by the slender bell tower atop the stone and brick building, the three bell arches in the atrium and the cupola over the altar. The interior, which has a single nave, contains the baptismal font that remains from the original church, the main altar and a multi-coloured stained glass window dedicated to Saints Justo and Pastor, patron saints of the Diocese of Alcalá, to which the parish belongs.

But perhaps the best reason to drop by San Marcos is its location, in the heart of the old quarters of Rivas-Vaciamadrid, where the essence of village life has been preserved: the Sunday market, the neighbourhood gatherings and the traditional spots where you can have a snack. A welcoming, peaceful and lively atmosphere where much of local life takes place.

2. H2O Shopping Centre

Rivas-Vaciamadrid has one of the largest shopping and leisure centres in the province, covering more than 50,000 square metres, where you will find more than 70 shops, over 20 restaurants and a cinema with 15 films on the billboard.

It’s the perfect place where you can spend the whole day: shopping in the morning (wear comfortable shoes as there’s plenty to see), a stopover in one of the restaurants (there’s something for everyone) and a premiere film in a spectacular cinema with a giant screen and that sound that can only be experienced in a movie theatre.

If you bring children with you, you won’t just find where to buy them clothes, toys or sweets. The shopping centre provides facilities such as the LEGO FUN FACTORY themed playroom, where they can use their imagination like never before. In addition, H2O is an amazing place to enjoy festivities such as Halloween, Christmas or even Holi Fest, the famous multi-coloured Indian festival.

3. El Campillo Centre

Despite being close to the centre of Madrid, Rivas-Vaciamadrid is surrounded by protected natural spaces. One of them, the Southeast Regional Park, is home to the Environmental Education Centre El Campillo, which takes its name from the lagoon on which the building itself is built, a spectacular stilt house where you can literally walk on the water.

The Centre provides exhibitions, educational activities open to all schools that wish to participate, weekend activities and routes through the Southeast Park, which includes several municipalities and is set along the lower reaches of the Manzanares and Jarama rivers. It is a unique natural environment, where water is the dominant element, wherever you look.

Such a landscape is home to more than 120 species of birds, about which you can find information in the centre itself, where you will also find curiosities, such as a hotel for insects or where you can take part in such necessary and exciting activities as installing nesting boxes.

As you can see, living in Rivas-Vaciamadrid is like having all the benefits of a city while being surrounded by nature and, if necessary, you can reach the city centre and the office districts of Madrid in a matter of minutes. Although this is just a small sample, there is a lot more to see and do in Rivas. Can you see now why at Be Casa we have chosen this area for our first flexible accommodation?

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